About Us

About Us
Our company was founded in 1988 in the city of İzmir-Turkey. When the import regime was amended in 1989 whereby importation of shotgun cartridges became no-longer the exclusive domain of the government monopoly, our Company was the first to import cartridges to Turkey in February 1990. Since that time RC brand hunting and sports cartridges are being imported from Italy and distributed in our country, by maintaining the very high quality and enriching the product range year by year.
RC cartridges have put their mark to the last 25 years with their consistently high quality and superior performance. Those cartridges which do not bear ‘’RC Italy’’ mark on the metal bottom are not genuine ones; please beware of imitations.
Our Vision
Before 1990 hunting cartridges were produced solely by MKE and in the first years of imports, in general only 32 and 34 gram cartridges were imported. We have widened the range from 24 to 50 gram whereby offering hunters alternatives for use in all seasons. 
We have supplied RC brand hunting and sports cartridges to Turkish market regularly, without any interruption, through our network of authorized dealers scattered all around the country. Our principle has been reliability and integrity. 
Our Mission 
We have been supporting hunters and shooters by providing them with high quality cartridges and thus helping them to improve their performance. Since 1999 our Company has been sponsoring Mr. Oğuzhan Tüzün, our national shooter.
RC brand cartridges are the choice of the competitors in sports shooting championships held all over the world. The achievements of our national shooter Mr. Tüzün whom we have been sponsoring since 1999 include:
  1. First place in 1999 World Juniors Championship
  2. First place in 2001 European Juniors Championship
  3. First place in 2002 International Juniors Championship
  4. First place in 2003 Universiade Games
  5. First place in 2004 World Cup Mens (Sydney-Australia)
  6. Third place in 2009 World Mens Championship (     )
  7. First place in 2010 World Cup Mens (İzmir-Turkey)  
  8. First place in 2011 World Cups Mens (Santiago-Chile) 

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İzmir Ticaret is Turkish Distributor of RC Hunting Cartridges.